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Our mission at Riverpath Counseling is to be your support system; to aid in a healthy and successful journey through therapy. To support that mission we, as therapists, offer a variety of supportive counseling and therapy services to help you identify your path and to guide you along the way, while giving you the best we have to offer.

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Here at Riverpath Counseling Colorado, we are a husband and wife team. Because of this, we value the power and importance of relationships and we’d bet you do, too. Your relationship with us is so important that we offer a free consultation so that we, together, can make sure it’s right for you. With that relationship built we can help you calm the emotional chaos and the challenges you’re struggling with, and return you to a place of ease.

We have the training and experience to help you through a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, grief and loss and family issues. We also have additional specialized training to help your marriage and engagement, as well as to help your teens and children using play therapy.

When we combine these things — our education and our relationships with you — we are better able to offer you high quality counseling and to be more helpful. If you’re ready for the help, we are ready to help you find hope and relief from the weight on your shoulders.

We have two convenient locations for counseling:

– In Loveland across from the entrance to Centerra off of Highway 34 and I-25.
– In Westminster, shortly off 120th and I-25

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We understand how difficult it can be to balance everything and have time to deal with a racing mind and emotions that have a life of their own. Let's face it, life is getting harder out there for everyone and sometimes we need extra support. Come in and get that support so you can be your best.

None of us like going home to a place that feels uncomfortable and out of control. Whether it's arguing, yelling, criticism, disconnection; these are all signs of relationships in trouble. Research shows the sooner you get help, the better your odds are. Get help before it's too late.

Life is lived in one direction — forward. You've got a mission that you're trying to accomplish now. While your journey is influenced heavily by the past, sometimes we want to focus on the future. We need to make the hard choices. We need to plan and execute.

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